Broke London

A car crash guide to surviving life

About Me

“My most anticipated blog of the year…” Friend of a Friend
“I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard or cried so beautifully” Ray from the Retreat
“A bit crude darling” My mum
“Why did you tell everyone I ate an entire garlic baguette you nob” Annoymous Friend
Here is a picture of me I took in the loo. Scenic.
If you came to this blog looking for handy tips on how to be fashionable, how to throw elegant dinner parties, how to find your soulmate or how to not spend all your money in the first week after payday you have….officially come to the wrong place.
What I can give you is some handy tips for how to live in this wonderful city on a budget and also a jolly great laugh (hopefully) at my expense.
If you like it here – tell a mate, tell a whole crowd, tell boring arse Susan from accounts I’m not picky!! Just don’t tell my ex boyfriends because I’m not nice about them on here. Sorry not sorry.
Also feel free to befriend me on any of the following!
Twitter: @emillygrace89
Facebook: Milly Edgerley 
Instagram: emillygrace89
Email: [email protected]

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