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How to talk to women on tinder

A friend of mine once described Tinder as ‘a bunch of sexual predators and lunatics who masquerade as nice normal blokes with dogs’ Harsh? Perhaps Fair? Sadly sometimes.

How to believe in love

It’s 10pm in a pub in Angel. The floor is sticky, the windows are fogged up. Its 10 days til Christmas and the place is packed out with twenty somethings…

How to spot a fuck boy

If you’re anything like me, dating is no hand-in-hand-cutesy-let’s-feed-the-ducks-oh-lol-you-hit-one-what-are-you-like-walk-in-the-park. Far from that classic rom-com scene, dating in London usually goes one of two ways: Intense courtship with proclamations of undying…

How to date like a Love Islander

My love life as of recently has been even more dire than usual. I know…I mean… I also thought we’d hit rock bottom people but APPARENTLY NOT. With the online…

How to enjoy dating

It’s been pointed out to me recently that this blog makes dating sound as fun as having to sit an exam naked whilst all your ex boyfriends eat dinner with…

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