Broke London

A car crash guide to surviving life

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How to save money

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Saving money whilst living in London and earning under 50k a year feels like actual mission impossible. I’ll go as far…

How to talk to women on tinder

A friend of mine once described Tinder as ‘a bunch of sexual predators and lunatics who masquerade as nice normal blokes with dogs’ Harsh? Perhaps Fair? Sadly sometimes.

How to believe in love

It’s 10pm in a pub in Angel. The floor is sticky, the windows are fogged up. Its 10 days til Christmas and the place is packed out with twenty somethings…

How to save the world

Is it just me or does everything feel just a little bit scarier at the moment? The news is pretty doom and gloom, everyone good died in 2017 and the…

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